Welcome Y’all! You’ve dun reached it! This here is the online home of The Nation, Neil’s BBQ Nation! Only darn joint in these here parts for miles and miles and miles servin’ up the absolute real deal B-B-Q, Jack! All yur low and slow BBQ favorites, smoked in house every day and night, and all our sauces and sides are made in-house daily. We live and breathe BBQ, servin’ up Primitive Cuisine and nuthin’ else! We’re a real BBQ joint, so remember this, cause we ain’t kiddin’ – “When it’s dun, it’s dun, and when it’s gone, it’s gone!”

(613) 392-4BBQ            


Plannin’ to satisfy your Meat Tooth, here be our menu! Come sit a spell, take ‘er away or git it sent to ya, y’all decide.

Menu Front
Menu Back


Here’s some pics to wet yur whistle! Git on down here to git some!